Pistoretki is built in 10 hectares forest area at the shore of Leppävesi lake. On the sandy beach there is a big pier, kayaks, coanoes, SUP's, sailing, floating, rowing and motor boats for water activities and fishing. During wintertime there are possibilities for skating and skiing.

There are many buildings to be accomodated and for rest. The most interesting is the goathi with wonderful paintings from finnish nature in the ceiling.

There are also modern sanitation rooms and saunas for bathing and personal needs also for disabled persons.







Try to be as sharp as Robin Hood. Different kind of bows are available for guided event in Leinosranta or where You like to enjoy of archery.

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Fishing trip

We will bring you to a safe fishing trip by a ferryboat, motorboats, canoes or kayaks. We will guide to fish Finnish fishes by angling, casting or trolling.

The typical fishes are pikes, pike-perches, perches or roach fishes.

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Paddling trip

Guided and safe paddling on the lake or river nearby with kayaks or/and canoes. Lenght of the trip will be chosen up to Your experiences. The paddling trip can be arranged also in other places for example in Nature Parks with the mobile transport trailers.

Renting cayaks, canoes and SUP's, other water or snow vehicles

Self served, independent paddling, rowing, sailing or fishing tour in Toivakka. We can also transport the vehicles in the sphere of Central Finland where You want.

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Hiking trip

The trip will begin from the goathi in Leinosranta or for example will happen in the Nature Parks in Central Finland. Experienced wilderness guide will show You the best parts of the nature with trees, plants and animals and of course pittoresk lookouts.

Recreational welfare event

Tailored recreational event for personnel in enterprises or associations. We plan a work welfare occasion up to Your organization's needs. The event will be in Toivakka, Leinosranta or where You hope it to be. It may include wateractivities, paddling, sailing, fishing or other outdooractivities as archery, scout skills and nice sport activities. The meal will be made by game. Of course saunas and bathing tub is included in Leinosranta.

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Winter activities


A good break for a meeting- or conference day is to relax a bit and play Stone-Curling. This Curling is almost like the real one – curling played e.g. in the Olympics. In this Stone-Curling the competition will be played with grey granite stones on natural ice or where ever there is a suitable icetrack.

In Stone-Curling you are supposed to slide the stone on the ice and get it to stop on the target. Who is nearest has won, but of course like in every game, you try by hitting the opponent’s stones and play them off the track or away from the target. We can arrange the Stone-Curling in a place you want if there is ice.

Horse rides

What could be nicer than to ride through countryside by a sleigh or a cart. French beauty La Maya is ready to tow every load faithfully. You may also feel the speed of the ride. You can try the reins by yourself and learn to drive. We can come also out from Toivakka. Horseback riding is not available so far.


Let's go skiing with Pistoretki to enjoy winter in nature. In Leivonmäki Natural Park we will ski traditionally 10 or 20 kilometers. In South-Konnevesi Natural Park we will ski on ice and will visit some nature objects. During skitours we will make fire and enjoy hot drinks and sausages. The duration of tours are 2-4 hours. Own skis and pertinent belongings in rucksag are appreciated.

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Other events

Tailored outdoor event for You, Your family or society

The occasion may be tailored according Your hopes. It may be adventurous or peaceful event with suitable activities on the lake or in the forest. It may be peaceful sauna and bathing moment or full with different outdoor activities. It may be short or last over night or weekend. We like to fulfill just Your hopes.

Outdoor experience for disabled and/or seniors

The event will begin from the goathi. Beautiful Finnish nature will be opened by representing the roof paintings. After it will be fishing and meal made of game or fish. Toilet and paths for disabled are available.

From Taulu mansion to three natural parks

Experience during three days three wonderful natural parks! Accommodate in countryside mansion - Taulu in Toivakka.

With professional Pistoretki guides You may enjoy outdoors in Leivonmaki and Pyha-Hakki and also may paddle in island labyrinth in South-Konnevesi natural park. After outdoors You will be back to relax in beautiful Taulu milieu and splendid saunas.

Delicious all-inclusive service is available outdoors as well as in mansion.

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